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Saudade, Part 2

Saudade (Part Two)

What is saudade, you asked me again?
It’s just like nostalgia, but bitter.

Like your highschool days, oh you loathed them back then.
But now you looked upon with bitter envy.
And do you remember your childhood?
With every hope and dream your heart can muster?
Where did that naivety gone.

Or that kiss you shared, in that sunny autumn.
When the world is yours, and love conquers all.

Saudade is sweet and sorrow.
When it had gone, and you can only remember.

This post signify my return to writing. I’ll write everyday, though not post everyday.


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Saudade (1)

What is saudade, you asked me?

just that longing reminiscence

that bitter feeling

for those sweeter times

that had gone by, elapsed, ended


as past hope, past promise

past love


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