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I’m currently trying to make a new campaign, this time in Mutant and Mastermind system.  I’m tired of linking this first draft personally to everyone that might help me, so I post this here. Most of the names are just placeholders, so don’t mind them.

Mobile ARM Unit Section One

Good day all, and here I am, Fri, trying to start a new campaign! Inspired by Masami Yuki’s masterpiece, Patlabor, this time I’m going to start a mecha campaign! Hopefully, this will be running kinda smoother than my last idea, because this time I already got the gist of the campaign for a kinda long time.

So, what is Mobile ARM Unit Section One? It’s basically a police procedural… with giant robot… in fantasy setting.  Your characters would be town watches in a pilot project to equip town watches with giant robots. Nothing could go wrong, right? It’ll be heavily based on Patlabor. So here’s the detail of the setting.

Placeholder is the biggest kingdom in the Pangaea continent. Beside the two sentient races, that is human and the rare dragons, all kind of fantastic creatures live in the continent. The current year is the 348th year since the founding of the kingdom, and life is well. Some people even said that this is the golden era of mankind.  That is heralded by the advance in magic and alchemy. Alchemically lit lantern lit the street of Placeholder’s major cities.  Magically run ships connect the coasts of Placeholder. More and more magical and alchemical gadgets are starting to commonly used by the commoners, to make life easier and more comfortable.

But what is magic and alchemy? Magic is the innate ability that some people have to manipulate the elements around him, and alchemy is ways to use magic to manipulate matters. Not everyone can use magic; only about one in five hundred people have the innate ability to use them. Most untrained magician can only use magic to produce ‘cantrips,’ little tricks without much use like moving small objects and making object glow in the dark for example. Some use them to be street magicians and conman. Magician born in wealthier family can enter one of the many magic schools, and live like today’s engineer.

Some very talented magicians with more ‘physical’ affinity, are recruited into the kingdom’s Magic Knight. They’re the kingdom’s elite of the elite, dispatched only on matters of serious importance, like dangerous border skirmishes, or dragon attacks. Some say their body is enchanted to be as agile as a cat and as hard as a rock. They can fight toe to toe with hill giants and make dragon explodes just by waving their arm and chanting some magical poem.


About fifteen years ago, an enterprising magician from Placeholder by the name of Henry Edson created something that revolutionizes the world. He named it Alchemical Reaction Machines, or acronymed as ARMs. ARMs are giant, fifteen feet tall, armors filled with complex system of pulley and gears, with alchemical reactions flowing through pipes under its metal skin. By manipulating a system of handles, pulleys, and pedals, a human can move the ARM like moving his own body. With an ARM, normal human can lift heavy boulders, dig deep into the belly of the earth, and fight giants without magical fireball.

In just ten years, ARMs become common. They’re used for everything, from construction working to heavy mining. A lot of kingdoms use ARMs as heavy shock troopers for their army.  To compare, they become as common as today’s forklift.

For some unclear reason, the flow of magic in someone’s blood interacts with the alchemical process that moves ARMs. Because of that, someone with even the slightest talent in magic can’t operate ARMs.

Mobile ARM Unit Section One

With the common use of ARMs, ARMs related crime started to appear. Only Magic Knights and ARM equipped soldiers can deal with them. But the kingdom’s ruling ministers start to feel that solving urban crime isn’t the job of Magic Knights and dangerous ARM equipped soldiers, beside the ineffectivity of them in solving those crimes. Besides, they thought, with the advance of ARMs, magic knights can finally be used in things more important and useful things than protecting a city from dragons or giants. That’s how Resolution 24 was born. That is, to make a dedicated unit equipped with ARMs specialized for urban use for town watches in every major city. But detractors are many. They said, equipping city watches with weapon of that caliber is just asking for trouble.

That’s how Mobile Guard ARM Unit Section one was created.  The first dedicated town watch ARM unit, Mobile Guard ARM Unit Section One is stationed at Capital, the bustling capital city of Placeholder Kingdom, and intended as a pilot project. If it succeeds, more ARM unit will be created in other major cities.

And you are the new members of MGAU Section One.

I’m looking for 2-4 ARM pilots, but I accept up to six or seven players, because MGAU will need mechanic, spotters, on foot investigators, and so on. Magic is off limit for players. But I might allow cantrip level magics for some player.

Those setting info above are common knowledge that commoners have so there will be more things to be found and investigated of course!


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