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KetchupI hate ketchup. Sure, it is a powerful and versatile condiment. Try to say one savory food that is inedible with ketchup in 10 second. Found it?

But it’s so sickeningly powerful that it cover other taste, especially with ‘subtle tasting’ food. Like, chicken burger. Okay, bad example, chicken burger do not have ANY taste. But you get the idea. You can’t taste the food, you just tasted the ketchup. In some place it’s illegal to eat hot dog with ketchup. Okay, so it isn’t, but kinda close. Just search hot dog or ketchup in wikipedia.

Especially since those food seller in stand LOVES to give you a hearty amount of ketchup with your burger or hotdog or fries. And as you chew your burger, you wondered did you just ordered a ‘ketchup in ketchup sauce.’

On an unrelated note, someone just stoled my camera. With precious pictures for my college work that I hadn’t put into my PC. Almost 100 picture.

And still unrelated with that, two days later someone stole my rearview mirror. Oh, the world.


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In alternate universe, I might have been:


-Joined the French Foreign Legion, and became a battle hardened, sun burned, rugged, adventurer with a passion for writing

-Studied pâtissierie and became a Pastry Chef with a passion for writing

-Took  Communication Studies and became… a Public Relationist? with a passion for writing

-Took  English Literature and Became a translator slash writer.

-Took Archeology and became a bored archeologist with a passion for writing.

-Took Archeology and accidentally unleashed some ancient evil, and then spending my free time adventuring across the world to seal the evil back into a can.Then write my adventure into a best selling novel.

-Took Anthropology and became a bored Anthropologist… that have published one book or more about history of Indonesia.

-Took Computer study and dropped out.

-Got a scholarship on STAN and dropped out a year later.

-Took Astronomy and dropped out because of sheer boredom.

hmm… more later.

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No, this isn’t an original sci-fi philosophical essay about the rise and fall of mankind. This is a space opera-ish entry about one of my first ‘serious’ playthrough of this genius game from Stardock Software.

Galactic Civilization 2

Prologue: The Rise of Mankind

Mankind had humble beginning. For thousands of years, spacefaring races were stuck for traveling between stargates, left behind by a race of precursor that suddenly disappeared and left their artifacts scattered all around the galaxy.

Until one day, mankind invented Hyperdrive. Mankind traveled alone, colonized some nearest planet, and finally, found that they’re not alone.
The hyperdrive became mankind’s invitation into the galaxy society. There are more than a handful spacefaring species on the galaxy. But there are 5 main species that join together on a loose, uneasy Galactic Forum that control most of the Galaxy.


Terran Alliance. Finally banded together, Mankind is one of the most recent entry to the galactic club. They found the Hyperdrive that allow everyone to travel faster than light. Curious and adventurous, mankind is the trader and diplomat on the galaxy.


Altarian Republic. Not related to human, but misteriously had the same appearance with mankind. The most advanced and powerful species on the galaxy, they called human as their ‘less advanced cousin’ and look at them with a bit pity and pride.


The Drengin Empire. Hateful, militaristic species that sadly, mankind’s closest neighbor in the Galaxy. They saw Human as a pathetic, almost laughable weak young species.


The Arceans. A misterious, prideful warrior species and the first extraterrestrial species that human came into contact with. They feel a certain… competitive feeling toward the Altarian.


The Torian Confederation. Once a peaceful civilization, they became enslaved by The Drengin for thousands of years. Finally freed themself, they became a suspicious and xenophobic and distanced themselves from the other civilization.

As mankind were late in the galactic club, they’ve got certain disadvantages. Their technology were a lot less advanced than the rest of the club. But slowly mankind

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The Sky Was Blue

Blue sky

The sky was blue at that day. As today.

I always thought the hardest part will be when she said it. As I know it. She know it. But we pretend.

When I saw her that day, I know what she’s going to say. Yet it still left this burning acid hole inside. It was cliché and all. Everything I imagined and many more. Yet it still left this broken heart.

And I thought it was the hardest part.

The cloud was beautiful at that day. As today.

Then I thought the hardest part was how she remains. This song was her song. That movie was her movie. And the sky was our sky. How we laughed at that episode together. And we cried at that ending together.

And I thought it was the hardest part.

The sun was red at the end of that day. As the end of this day.

As now I know what the hardest part is. It is how she lived through.

Call it envy. Call it jealousy. But the hardest part for me is, when I realized. That she stole my heart but kept hers intact.

As how tonight she can watch moonlight. Without remembering that the moon was silver at that night. While I can’t gaze at the starlit sky. Without remembering how she lie. That everything is gonna be alright.

The hardest part is knowing the irony of everything. How she said that she need me. And my word is the only thing that keep her living.

The world is spinning, the rain keeps falling. As every day.

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Falling leavesEver walk under the hot midday sun? You lost on your own thought, enjoying the smell and noises from the living world.
Then you lift your head, when you’re in the middle of nowhere. As you noticed this magical silence, when trees bathe you with shower of falling leaves and the wind just stopped.

You know that it’s only a trick of light. As the air lazily shiver and you thought you see leaves dancing behind the misty screen. Inviting you to walk through the non-existant wall.

And you leave the scene, with a slight pang in your heart. You know that it’s just your mind teasing.

But you realized, that you might had missed your chance. To went through the slipstream.

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Cthulhu! Fiddling on the roof...Equal to giggling until you went insane.

I never thought that Cthulhu and Musical can be written in the same sentence. But it is there.

I like the Fiddler on the Roof. I like to read Lovecraft. Never thought that I can enjoy both of them in the same time.

I had posted this on some place, but I’ve just realized that I haven’t post it in my own blog.

These are some of the songs that were sung at the musical.

Shoggoth on the Roof

If I Were A Deep One


Courtesy of the H.P Lovecraft Historical Society.

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Saudade, Part 2

Saudade (Part Two)

What is saudade, you asked me again?
It’s just like nostalgia, but bitter.

Like your highschool days, oh you loathed them back then.
But now you looked upon with bitter envy.
And do you remember your childhood?
With every hope and dream your heart can muster?
Where did that naivety gone.

Or that kiss you shared, in that sunny autumn.
When the world is yours, and love conquers all.

Saudade is sweet and sorrow.
When it had gone, and you can only remember.

This post signify my return to writing. I’ll write everyday, though not post everyday.

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